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Christina Chalréo Breault has over twenty-five years of experience in the computer/software industry. She’s a college graduated Web Designer and bilingual in American-English and Brazilian-Portuguese, fluently speaking, reading and writing in both languages. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Feb. 12, 1962 at 14:35 and living in the US since 1986. Among Christina's interests are UFO, metaphysics, mysticism/occult, Law of Attraction, healthy living, makeup art and beauty. Christina is currently involved with beauty cosmetics, translations and web design.

Mermaids: Real or Legend? ~//~ Sereias: Verdade ou Lenda?

Mermaid Skeleton

TEXTO ORIGINAL: Não se trata de um esqueleto de um ET mas de um habitante subaquático, com os quais já tive contato e que vai relatado em meu quarto livro, ou seja “sereias e sereios” se é que podemos chamar os machos assim. Eles possuem comunidades sub-aquaticas e já apareceram para alguns viajantes da antiguidade, ULisses, por exemplo. Não é lenda não. Eles existem mesmo, durante o tsunami do Japão um deles foi encontrado morto numa praia, ninguém levou a serio e divulgou-se que era mais uma bincadeira da Internet, pode até ter sido, mas garanto que eles existem. E elas costumam cantar sobre pedras grandes ou ilhotas em pleno oceano. Ai está uma prova. Por favor, traduza isto para os leitores desta página, okay? abraços, dyezzi:.

TRANSLATION: This is not a skeleton of an ET but of an underwater inhabitant, with whom I’ve had contact with and it is written in my fourth book; that is, “male and female” mermaids — if we can call them “male mermaids.” They have underwater communities and have appeared to some travellers of antiquity, [such as] Ulysses, for example. No, it is not a legend. They indeed exist. During the tsunami of Japan one of them was found dead on a beach, nobody took it seriously and was announced that it was an internet joke. That might have been the case, however, I assure you that they do exist; and they usually sing on large rocks or islets in the middle of the ocean. There is a proof. Please translate this for your readers of this page, okay? Hugs, dyezzi:.

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2 Comments on “Mermaids: Real or Legend? ~//~ Sereias: Verdade ou Lenda?”

  1. blenda January 12, 2013 at 11:46 AM #

    e parece ser verdaderio seria q e

    • blenda January 12, 2013 at 11:47 AM #

      sou uma sereia a a a a a a

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