Barter Ventures

I’m open for barter ventures where I service you in exchange of your service to me. For example, say I’m in need of accounting services and you are an accountant in need of word processing of a financial statement. We can evaluate the cost of my service to you and the cost of your service to me and we can then exchange those services as payments. Any inequalities would be resolved with cash payment or other future barter transactions until the difference is satisfied.

If you wish to engage in a barter venture with me, please view the list below of services I’m currently in need, decide if you are able and would like to offer me those services in exchange of one of my services and use the form below to contact me to discuss further.

I look forward to bartering opportunities as a practical and affordable way into mutually successful business ventures.

The following are the services I’m currently in need:

  • Professional help:
    • Tax return preparation and tax savings guidance
    • Real estate related legal services
  • Construction labor:
    • Well digging and connection
    • Septic tank construction
    • Mobile home moving and setup
    • Electrical power pole installation and connection
  • General labor:
    • Tree cutting
    • Outdoor patio roofing

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