The drama campaigns played out by the Media… Your heart’s vibration is the target!

Your heart is the target

Think about all the drama campaigns the media plays out for the masses to watch and grieve over! It works like the retail marketing industry! Every month the retailers have a “different” marketing campaign to sell their seasonal/monthly products. The media does exactly the same with their regular dramas they play out for the public to watch… like a soap opera that the masses long to see the next info/chapter about it. So, all this generates advertisement revenue for them, and on top of that they continue on with their paradigm of destruction and sorrow (or lower vibration of the entire Earth), keeping it well and alive for their profits and psychotic enjoyment. So, this month’s campaign of drama is the CT school shooting of a bunch of little kids, huh? Last recent months were TS Sandy, and then the winter blizzard that followed, and then the earthquakes, and then the terrorist attacks, and then the threat of wars here or there, and/or then the divorce of this or that stupid celebrity/politician. One can only wonder what’s going to be January’s “drama” campaign!

All major news websites have a whole section dedicated for this latest unfolding drama campaign. They seem to already have all their templates that they just fill out with the new names and places. Don’t you love the creative images they come up with to depict the suffering in the drama being played out?!

[Updated on Dec. 17, 2012] And talking about liars

2 responses to “The drama campaigns played out by the Media… Your heart’s vibration is the target!

  1. Agreed!
    Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.” ― George Orwell, 1984 Media Hypocrisy: Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.

    One of the most flagrant hypocrites to take to social media yesterday was Piers Morgan.


    Morgan with the precision and expertise of any charlatan preyed on people’s fear and emotions to push an agenda, to stay relevant in a world where MSM is dying and media personalities along with it.

    Morgan is a media entertainer, hosts his program on CNN a media outlet where Saudi Arabia pays for content and applies censorship Benevolent Government Style.

    Mr. Morgan, One does not have the luxury of feigning moral outrage on murder to salvage ones media career, to stay relevant. Either you are outraged by murder or you are not. Your record is clear on this matter at hand.

    Mr. Morgan, for all the innocent Mexicans slaughtered by US Government Gun Running where is your moral outrage? Is it acceptable for Benevolent Government to slaughter people? For all the innocent children slaughtered in their mother’s womb, left to die in garbage dumpsters, where is your moral outrage?

    Mr. Morgan your highly selective usage of the spilled Blood of Innocents to fit your agenda is…Unmistakable as is your lack of knowledge in regards to U.S. Constitutional Law, the protections it affords us against the tyranny of Benevolent Government.

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