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ETs land on a farm in Itupeva, S.P., Brazil, in 1997 — Mystery remains

Site of UFO landing in Itupepa, S.P., Brazil

By Helenice Rodrigues [Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault]

April 25, 1997:

Blackout in Itupeva and in the entire region.

April 26, 1997:

The night was quiet and the sky was filled with stars in the small town of Itupeva. Mr. and Mrs. Ming were returning from the most famous wedding party of that city and when they were getting closer to their farm, located in the Mount Serrat neighborhood, they saw a strange light in the sky which came from behind the mountain. It was around midnight.

They couldn’t believe what they saw later: A large UFO that seemed to rest on top of the mountain and from it flowed yellow and red lights that reached a distance of approximately eight to ten kilometers away. But the biggest surprise would come later when they saw 4 extraterrestrial beings walking around that UFO with some difficulty. They were dressed in something like white capes.

The Ming couple told us that they heard strange voices in a language they could not understand, and they mentioned that the ETs’ voices seemed as ghost laughter. We would like to point out that the distance between their house and the visitors’ location is so large that they could not hear the voices of persons speaking over there.

The clarity increased as time went by and the lights turned very slowly and in circles, alternating their color tones, from pink to orange. The couple kept observing until 1:15 a.m., fearful, and then they decided to go to sleep.

Mr. Ming quickly fell asleep while his wife could not sleep because of the noise coming from the site. She also told us that the noise increased when they went to bed, and stated, “It seemed as if they were by the window.” After saying her prayers she fell asleep too.

On the next day, early morning, Mr. Ming and his son went to the site riding a horse and when they got there they saw a circle of crushed grass and within it another burned circle with four points through where the rays of light flowed out reaching kilometers of distance as we already explained.

“It was impossible to burn the grass without affecting the rest.” — Mr. Ming stated.

Over the burned ground they found a large amount of white ashes and no other material that could be confused with a bonfire (made of wood for example).

Site of UFO landing in Itupepa, S.P., BrazilWe talked with Mr. Ming’s neighbor who had [also] seen two UFOs trying to land on the top of the mountain before lodging. The lights were circled by red focal points and he was very afraid by that event although he had not seen anything beyond that neither had heard the voices that Mr. Ming heard.

Mr. Ming collected samples of those ashes and kept them for a few months before giving them to me so I could send them for analysis at University of Campinas in São Paulo.

The samples of ashes are currently with me as well as burned stones and slightly burned branches that were collected from the site. The temperature was estimated to be 1,000 degrees Celsius by some ufologists.

After a year, some of the ashes turned into stones and their current color is gray (they were originally white). We must also add that a sample of a black material, looking like ashes, that was collected by me, turned into stones within a period of four hours at my house at the time of that occurrence.

This fact had major repercussion throughout our region and also our country, and to give good examples, please see below some of the headlines and phrases used by newspapers and television:

  • “ETs land on a farm in Itupeva.”
  • “Couple affirms to have seen a UFO in Itupeva.”
  • “They have arrived, at least in Itupeva.”
  • “The fantastic apparition of ETs.”
  • “This is the world’s most famous ufological casuistic!”
  • “Councilmen disagree about extraterrestrials.”
  • “Flying saucer returns to Itupeva.”

You can’t imagine what happened at the City Hall of our neighboring hometown, near Itupeva. A questionnaire containing six questions was distributed with the objective to obtain answers about extraterrestrial life. A half-page of the local newspaper covered this intriguing subject, after the visit of four ETs in Itupeva City.

We are translating below a portion of a report made by a member of University of Campinas (UNICAMP), in São Paulo:

“The chemical analyzes of the material found where the UFO landed concludes the following:

61.61% Silicon,
26.23% Aluminum,
8.05% Potassium,
7.28% Iron,
4.36% Calcium,
0.76% Titanium,
and possibly some slight elements such as carbon and oxygen.

The complementary analyzes made with meter Geiger did not detect emissions of alpha and beta particles. Consequently, it is not harmful to the organic body.”

Note: The greater part of the composition of the soil of the mountains in Itupeva is of quartz.

We have in our hands the film (linked below) that is being propagated on YouTube entitled: ETs descend in Itupeva-SP in 1997

Helenice Rodrigues

Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault

Video About the Event:

Images About the Event:

Site of UFO landing in Itupepa, S.P., Brazil

Site of UFO landing in Itupepa, S.P., Brazil

Site of the UFO landing

Mr. Roque Ming, Producer in Itupeva, S.P., Brazil, and eyewitness of the event.

Mr. & Mrs. Roque Ming, Producers in Itupeva, S.P., Brazil, and eyewitnesses of the event.

Site of the UFO landing. Photo by Paulinho, former photographer at Jornal Expressão de Itupeva, S.P., Brazil

Site of the UFO landing. Photo by Helenice Rodrigues, Ufologist and researcher in neighboring city of Jundiaí, S.P., Brazil

Site of the UFO landing. Photo by Helenice Rodrigues, Ufologist and researcher in neighboring city of Jundiaí, S.P., Brazil

Site of the UFO landing. Helenice Rodrigues (standing at the right) and unidentified members of the public.

Site of the UFO landing. Photo by Helenice Rodrigues, Ufologist and researcher in neighboring city of Jundiaí, S.P., Brazil

Newspaper clip of the event in 1997

1997. Photo by Valcyr Moraes [Deceased], former reporter at Jornal Expressão de Itupeva [Extincted]

1997. Photo by Valcyr Moraes [Deceased], former reporter at Jornal Expressão de Itupeva [Extincted]

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