What’s really wrong with this picture?

What’s really wrong with this picture? The arrogant bully off-duty cop? Or the driver who’s probably going a bit too fast for the area? According to the law (please, read them!!), surprising to many members of the ignorant and government/TV-schooled public, nothing happened until something happened. Makes sense? By federal law (please read them!!), until some injury takes place (either to property or to a living being), there is no case, and nothing else matters. This thing about cops getting involved in no-injury related matters is so freaking illegal, it’s crazy! First, police have no jurisdiction over non-injury related cases, which are all civil. When injury occurs, then the matter becomes criminal and at that point, and at that point only, a police officer can be involved. For a police officer to get involved in a non-injury related case, which is a civil matter, he’s stepping outside of his jurisdiction and is illegal for him to do so and outside of his authority. In such cases, if prosecuted/persecuted by them, you must file a motion to dismiss based on fraud and other violations of federal and constitutional laws. So, when you get stopped by a police officer and there is no injury involved at all, you must ask him/her: “Sir/Mam, where is the injured party?” If they can’t produce one, then they must leave you alone and go. If they don’t, then there are many laws they are breaking (please read them!!). So, in this particular scenario, the police officer is not only pathetic as a human being, but he’s also engaged in illegal actions, even more serious than “speeding” and causing nothing as a result of it. I mean, how many things could have happened in so many non-eventual occurrences, it would be crazy to prosecute every if-this and if-that. It would be complete insanity (…  maybe we have arrived there?).  Until some injury happened as a result of your actions, nothing happened. The could-be’s matter not and are totally irrelevant. Get it? We have been wasting not just our time/energy but an entire civilization of lifetimes with nonsense.

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