Identify Your Dominant Intents


“Your thoughts are drawn to your DOMINANT INTENTION — within any moment — and as you are focused upon that intention, you are creating.

“When you have not identified what your dominant intention is, your creative power is diffused because you create in many directions — sometimes in many conflicting directions — thus the feeling of standing still. But when you identify your dominant intentions, your focus and attention and thoughts will naturally be drawn toward them.

“When you are not making the decisions, in this time, about what your dominant intentions are, you are drifting about, you are being drawn into negative conversations, you are responding out of habit to your old intentions.

“Once you identify what is most important to you at any point in time, the natural creative process will go to work for you. The confusion will be gone from your life experience.”

~ Abraham

My intention is a positive and joyful existence! 🙂

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