Participatory Habits


“Many of your habits are tied to other beings that you are now participating with in this physical experience. Even though you now understand the power of your words, you often begin to participate in conversation with others who are speaking in opposition to what you want, because you habitually speak with these people about these things. And rather than removing yourself, you remain, for you are not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings, or seem unusual.

“As you walk into your house, out of habit you turn on your television set and sit and listen to what is offered, and as you hear words words that are not in the direction of what our are wanting — and you participate in those words with your THOUGHT — you are thereby setting into motion the creation of that which you are not wanting.

“There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of opportunities in every day for creating by default, and unless you have made a very strong and deliberate decision to give your conscious attention and focus only to that which you want, you will find yourself participating in negative creation many times in the course of only one day.”

~ Abraham

All this is changing for me, folks! Introducing the “new” (newer) me. 🙂

The above is a follow up of …

Counterproductive Habits

“It is not possible to create in the direction of your current intentions when you are acting out of habit, for your habits were developed in the another time, perhaps when your intentions were different.

“For the most part, creating by default occurs because you do not understand the creative process. However, even when you do understand the creative process, you may be influenced by your own habits, to think or speak or act in the direction of that which you are not wanting.”

~ Abraham

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