Do Reptilians Really Exist?

Do Reptilians Really Exist?

The folks that I personally know who are in contact with the ETs consistently deny the existence of reptilians and they consistently say, in one accord, that this is a hoax created by humans obsessed with negativity. It’s a juicy Hollywood-style story and that’s all it is, according to them. They also deny the existence of malevolent ETs in underground Earth or anywhere else. The only malevolent force among humans is the human mind, obsessed with negativity and violence as a result.

They confirm the existence of a group of humans who believe they own the planet Earth and foolishly wish to control it (through the proliferation of fear, war, and other control tactics of mass destruction, as the smaller the easier it is to control), only to find out, eventually, that they can’t. There is a planet being reserved for them to go, to carry out their negativity with each other, so that they can live the hell they believe to exist and perpetrate on “others” as much as their hearts desire. Their energy and all those with energy equivalent to theirs will go (reincarnate) there when the planetary transition and transformation take place.

So, this reptilian story is a pure Hollywoodian lie to misinform and perpetuate the negativity that exists on our planet. My friend, author contactee Domingos Yezzi, and the spirits I learn from, deny the existence of these beings and also that there are malevolent ETs. They do not exist and this is a great fudge to control humans’ mind through fear. Be careful what you hear and learn as “true”!

Destinations After the Planetary Transition [Image channeled by Domingos Yezzi and reproduced by Christina Breault]

Destinations After the Planetary Transition [Image channeled by Domingos Yezzi and reproduced by Christina Breault]

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My understanding is that the so called Annunakis are a race of giant beings that enslaved humanity during the time of Atlantis, but their enslavement was eventually stopped by Mother Earth’s cataclysmic event that destroyed that civilization, which is due to happen again upon the arrival of a great destroyer body from space. Much of their technology and occult practices of their time, including energetic portals, are buried under the oceans. One of these energetic portals is still somewhat active in the region of the Bermuda Triangle, hence the mysterious disappearances there.

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