I’ve Been Slandered and Made The Target of an Extortion Intent by Sulabh Jain

This person, called Sulabh Jain, a resident in Australia, is slandering me throughout his video (above) on top of violating my privacy rights by using my photograph as a thumb on his video. In addition, I recently received a message from him (below) where his intentions to extort me are very clear.

I’ve been put on trial, and found guilty, in the courts of the mind of this delusional man, who decided to create this slanderous video about me, in a hearsay story-tell by a grown cry-baby purely out of vindictiveness. His vindictive video was pointed out to me recently, by someone who subscribes to my channel, which prompted me to contact the author. I wrote him to politely request his video to be removed and his response clearly shows what his intentions really are and have been all along, which are to extort me.

This man portraits himself as someone spiritual behind a YouTube channel claiming to be of spiritual nature, yet, his actions and intentions are very far from spiritual. His video was done as a vindictive measure since he didn’t succeed in making a claim against me on YouTube. In my message to him (see entire email pages above), I tried to explain that the copyright law, at least in the USA, allows copying for the purpose of criticism, reporting and education/teaching, without consent by the copyright holder, called Fair Use under the law, which is precisely what I did. His response to that (read the email pages above) is at best absurd and at worst delusional. He also believes YouTube is, or acts, as some sort of law enforcement agency, or courtroom, where people can actually perjure themselves, which is another delusion in his mind.

While I checked the link of his supposed copyright registration — which is inapplicable when reproduction is done under the Fair Use provisions — I saw that in fact the only registration of record is the hardcover (hardcopy) version of his book, not the electronic version used in my studies. Furthermore, there is no copyright law protection allowed on ideas, procedures, methods, systems, processes, concepts, principles, or discoveries, under which the ancient science of palmistry falls (specifically the vedic palmistry system), thus making his claims additionally absurd and inapplicable. Claiming copyright ownership over an ancient science is, again, at best absurd and at worst delusional. In his response to me, he states that “I copied more than 20% of his book” and that’s another inaccurate claim, although an easy one to achieve since his book ( Dictionary of Indian Palmistry Symbols ) is only 100 pages long in small page-size format and having very little text in each of them, more suitably called as a quick reference guide instead of a book, that he claimed to have spent several hours/days/years of his life, away from his family, to put together. How more dramatic can this be?

Since he closed his response to me by dropping “the ball on my court”, I decided to create this posting, instead of offering him money to remove his slanderous video as he evidently hoped for, to clarify the viewers of his despicable video what the truth really is, clearly demonstrated in his own words and conduct. This person’s intentions and actions undoubtedly do not fall in line with the description of his channel, which reads …

… This channel is about Palmistry – with an emphasis on spirituality, personal growth and development – that is hosted by Dr Sulabh Jain

We mainly talk about the Indian Vedic systems of Palmistry with a non-airy-fairy approach, although we do tie it in with other systems. Our primary focus is on using the palms and hands to further your spiritual progress. …

Spirituality is very much inconsistent with the behavior of this man, clearly demonstrated by his decision to record and post a purely vindictive and slanderous video against another human being who is guilty of any illegal actions solely in his mind. It is clear, by his own words and actions, that his intentions are no other than money making and have nothing to do with spirituality. I would be concerned to allow such an individual to “further my spiritual progress” when he’s clearly not doing that for himself and instead occupies his time to engage in this disgraceful behavior.


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