Review: EBANX Is A Bad Plugin and Payment Processor

Staying away from EBANX would be my recommendation and here’s why. In addition to being a bad plugin, with a history of malfunctioning and defacing the purchase form of your eCommerce website, literally disabling your sales, they charge exorbitant processing and transfer fees. The following is a list of issues I’ve experienced with them:

  1. Defacing the purchase form on the website, making it impossible for buyers to proceed with the purchase. I have lost several sales opportunities because of this!
  2. Their fees to transfer your sales money processed by them is gruesomely high ($31.45 as of the date of this review), plus what your local bank charges for international transfers ($15 as of the date of this review), and these, together, consume a good portion of your sales (see images below). And god forbid your sales don’t cover these fees, they put your account on a negative balance, literally stealing your sales profit to cover their exorbitant fees!
  3. Their dashboard does not have clear and complete instructions. Technical support refers to the dashboard for reading of information that is simply not there.
  4. They are too slow to respond to problems and take several days to give an unclear and/or unsatisfactory response. Or they will simply ignore your messages to them (see images below showing my messages to them which they totally ignored and never responded to this day).
  5. They hold on to your profits from sales made with credit cards for 30 days! That’s right! For 30 days you will have no access to your money — from your sales — because they hold on to your money for 30 full days! None of the other payment processors I use do this!
  6. Changing a bank account in their dashboard is a tedious and frustrating process and hardly anything makes good sense. They decline an account change alleging it has a different name than the one in place, while that’s not true at all. If you email them back asking them to make any sense of that, they simply don’t respond and ignore your messages to them.

It has been a highly frustrating, and expensive, experience using this payment processor on my website and dealing with them via email. I recommend anyone to stay away from this company. But don’t take my word for it. Go to this site (in Portuguese) and look at the numerous complaints there from very angry and frustrated people using their credit card services. EBANK, as stated in the title of this review, is a BAD company!

As it stands now, they took US$24.93 from one single sale (the last one) they processed on my woocommerce enabled site to cover a US$31.45 transfer fee that didn’t happen, leaving my account with a negative balance of US$6.49, stuck there now as they refuse to address the problem by simply ignoring my email messages to them (see images below)! Therefore, it’s safe to say, they stole my little sales money of US$24.93! How commendable is that for a banking institution that likely makes millions from questionable payment transactions?!

I don’t recommend this company and their plugin at all! Use it at your own risk and good luck in getting a prompt and satisfactory response from them, especially if they literally don’t have an answer for their own problems. Avoid like the plague would be my best advice.

P.S.: I posted a concise version of this review on and it got deleted! I wonder (not) why!

This posting will be updated as the issue develops

As of now (2019-NOV-25), they finally responded with another unsatisfactory answer (will add copies of the email later on). And, I noticed that the response was sent at the last minute of the closing of the business day (on Friday, 2019-NOV-22, at 17:05), so there would be no feedback until Monday, after the weekend. Evidently, they are evading the resolution of the issue. I’ve requested them to close my account, remove all my financial and personal data and refund me of the money of my only sale they took possession of. We’ll see how they will respond, if at all.


They waived their transfer fee, as that would not only eat up all my funds from my last sale processed by them but also put me in a negative balance, and I have to give them “credit” for that. Imagine selling to people overseas just to pay transfer fees. Makes no sense. At the same time, they defeated all my efforts in changing my bank account and the funds were transferred to a dormant account (the one I unsuccessfully tried to change and they refused, as explained above, based on pure ignorance from their part as they don’t seem to understand what D/B/A means in the US banking system), which triggered a $15 transfer fee at my US bank. So, my little funds from the last sale processed by EBANX was reduced by 60%, leaving me with roughly $10 bucks left. How pitiful and unworthy to endure so much aggravation, high processing fees and a glitchy plugin which defaced my website twice. Just not worthy.

It took literally all this time, close to 3 months, to have this otherwise small issue to be resolved. Their response speed is on the rate of a crawl, taking literally a week to receive one small answer. Maybe it’s just me that they don’t give a damn about it, and others have had better experience with this company (which I doubt). I personally don’t recommend using them at all and would avoid this payment processor as the plague. If you look at their reviews on plugin repository, it seems buddies of theirs were either asked or hired to do a review for them, which constitutes false advertisement in the US.

I can finally close this matter now and put behind my small hell with this company.

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