Channels and Videos Suppressed on YouTube

Comment Made on One of My Videos

So much content for those who want to learn more and so few views. You deserve to have more views. Hug from Portugal. ~ by Too damm funny

My Reply

Thank you! YouTube only promotes sensationalism, drama, discord, opportunistic quackery and/or disinformation. They do not want people informed of truth and be busy with things of real value for the betterment of their lives. It is purposeful, to keep the population distracted by futility and so no one pays attention to their nefarious acts behind the scenes. Unfortunately, my channel is not the only valuable content being suppressed. I know a lot of other valuable channels and videos with very little views. I throw my seeds in the wind and let the Universe take them in the hearts of those who seek things of real value and truths that in fact add to life. 😊 Hugs!

List of Some Valuable Videos / Channels Suppressed on YouTube

All you need to know about “conspiracy” and nefarious acts by rulers in power
All you need to know about what’s to come
Everything you need to know about solving everything

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