Why not Vimeo?

Why not Vimeo?


I was asked to participate in a survey regarding the “future of Vimeo” and all I have to say about that is “no”, I have no time to answer irrelevant questions which I could summarize in a few words. The reasons I stopped using Vimeo are 3:

1) They are very expensive;

2) They make false promises, such as that your video can only be downloaded by you, if so configured, and that’s not true; and

3) They censor their users and deplatform them if they don’t agree with the narrative on their videos, having nothing to do with inappropriate content but solely a divergent narrative. Simple.

In all fairness, they have great functions, but these 3 reasons mentioned above are a deal breaker for me.

Thanks for asking.

As an alternative, my sponsored recommendation is VideoPress by JetPack.

DISCLAIMER: This is a personal and informed opinion (I used their paid service for two years), not intended to denigrate. I wish they would fix their problems as indeed they offer excellent functions.

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