Why Not BitChute?

BitChute has been caught censoring their users! I’m not surprised.

My best advice is for people to create their own independent websites, commercially hosted where they trust, so they can post their own contents there. This way it’s your online home and nobody can censor you there. You can share your content via email or/and use social sites just to share links to your website contents. You can also create your own online community as there are many options available today for that and many other purposes. If you need help with creating a website, I am a professional webmaster with over 20 years experience and I can help.

This is my brutally honest opinion regarding BitChute based on my personal experience. Language may be objectionable to some. You’ve been warned.

I recorded this video on November 23, 2019

My recommendation as a free and monetized video hosting is LBRY.TV Changed my mind and don’t recommend them either. Something smells fishy about them but I can’t pinpoint my finger on what it is. I suspect they are just another money grabber group trying to monetize on others’ work (namely, their users).

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