Whoa! Bolsonaro a Nazi?!

Personally, I don’t get involved in politics, which is the same as religion. But when I come across reports of this level, I share them to enlighten my followers.

“… My understanding is that Bolsonaro works for Nazis who seized Brazil in order to get its resources and thus avoid bankruptcy.  Bolsonaro’s shooting during the election campaign, his treatment in an Israeli-linked hospital, and his friendship with Benjamin Netanyahu all show that he is a Nazi. … Right now, though, the main battles against the cabal are taking place in Washington, DC and Israel. After they are defeated there, Bolsonaro will be taken down. [read more]

“… Bolsonaro represents the Nazi/Zionist faction that has been looting Brazil’s resources and impoverishing its people, and so obviously they would be very scared of losing power. …

“Another blow against the Bush/Nazi faction of the cabal may come soon in the form of a military coup in Brazil, Pentagon sources are saying.  Here, a truckers’ strike has paralyzed the economy.  This is expected to be the trigger for a military coup that will restore former presidents Dilma Rousseff and Lula da Silva “from Zionist usurpers who seized control of the central bank in 2016,” the sources say.”

 ~ Benjamin Fulford

The Zetas also have said that he’s greedy and myopic

“The Amazon is burning because of a Perfect Storm caused by a number of factors. These fires were not set by saboteurs wanting to embarrass the new President Bolsonaro. Thus, sabotage is not a factor. Bolsonaro came into power in October, 2018, so this is the first annual burning season under his regime. The farmers in Brazil normally use May-August as a time to clear brush off their land by controlled burns. Encouraged by Bolsonaro’s rhetoric and policies, they have been energized and have taken on more ambitious goals.

“Emboldened by his new-found power and driven by greed, Bolsonaro engaged on a campaign to create a highly industrialized nation from the Amazon jungle, laying out a plan to construct the infrastructure in the jungles of Brazil. Myopic and determined, Bolsonaro ignored the drought Brazil had been suffering for several years. The underbrush was dry, and once lit to clear space for his infrastructure design and clear lands for the farmers he was encouraging, the fires refused to be stopped.

“This is unlikely to abate before the annual rainy season returns in October. Meanwhile, any political capital Bolsonaro may have made as a new President promising to reverse the corruption of the leftists in the past regime will have vanished. Fortunately for Planet Earth, the great oxygenators of the globe have been revitalized. Most of Earth’s oxygen comes from the green forests within the oceans, and they are now rebounding because of the red dust from the tail of Nibiru. It is not just the Humpback whales that will benefit.”

ZetaTalk.com [ Spanish version ]

Leaked Brazil Archive

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