Life Before and After Covid-19

In this posting, I’m sharing what the Zetas are saying regarding this yet another humanity crisis. I’ve been following the Zeta’s Talk, off and on, for over 10 years and for the most part they have been very accurate. What they say regarding the biggest event of all can be also read in the writings of other unrelated authors. I personally have read the books of three different authors — one from Brazil, one from Colombia and one from Puerto Rico — and all say the same about this unimaginable astral body that approaches our planet, whose preparation is the main focus of the Zetas.

The ZetaTalk Newsletter
Issue 704, March 29, 2020

ZetaTalk Prediction 3/31/2020: We predict that the Covid-19 will be dramatically eased by mid-Summer 2020, due to aggressive quarantined practices and the emergence of effective anti-virals and several new vaccines. While the Covid-19 infections rage on going into mid-Summer, protestations of the airline and travel industry will be silenced as Heads of State are forced to issue edicts banning travel and restricting residents to homes unless they are escorted to work. Groceries will be delivered. Schools will be via Internet or home schooling kits. Social media will replace group meetings.

ZetaTalk Comment 3/31/2020: Panic buying is just another symptom of a panic reaction in general, a well-known reaction to perceived danger by man and animal alike. The classic analogy is to shout “fire” in a crowded theater and the stampede for the jammed doors will kill more people than the fire. When panic takes over, reason leaves. Panic is less likely to ensue when people have time to contemplate a pending emergency and have already taken some steps to mitigate potential distress. The Covid-19 virus was sudden and has spread worldwide like wildfire.

Will such a panic ensue when Nibiru is finally admitted? If it had been admitted in late 2015, when General Dunford was prepared for panic in the US and Obama was on the verge of making an announcement, preparation without panic would have been the norm. But now, almost 5 years later, crop and subsequent food shortages have already placed those who have not taken self-sufficiency steps on the verge of panic. They will look at their situation and see no other solution but panic buying.

What is certain to happen will be much more than the comical rush to buy toilet paper. Real deprivation will ensue, with biting hunger. This will move in two directions. Those who are grounded and have noted all the signs and prepared accordingly will spring into action, going to their safe locations if need be and stepping up their food production practices. They will be inundated by demands from family and friends and strangers who have not bothered to prepare, expecting that the government will provide. It is this latter group that will panic.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 3/31/2020: There are several theories running on the Internet about how the Covid-19 pandemic might benefit this or that group. One is the pending prosecution for treason and crimes in 2016, when the Cabal took extraordinary steps to prevent President Trump from gaining the White House.  Another is the failure of the New World Order crowd to assume control of the world as the End Times approach. World War III is not possible, given the steps President Trump and the Junta continue to take. Nevertheless, where these parties would like to take advantage of the pandemic, they did they start the pandemic.

There is little left for the desperate New World Order crowd, a conglomeration of the Illuminati, the Moloch worshiping Satanists, the Khazarian banking empire, and the political operatives in the Cabal to do. They have tried to assassinate both President Trump and VP Pence, poison or infect them, and certainly impeachment or prosecution via Mueller did not work. Their remaining hope is befuddled Biden, and for this to succeed they must see President Trump fail during his handling of the pandemic. But their attempt to implode the HHS via a hack did not succeed either.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 3/31/2020: DDOS attacks to disable computer networks are well known and difficult to track, as they often engage numerous attack sites to gain the cumulative effect that will disable the target. This attack was of course designed to look like an attack from foreign agents, but what would be the agenda? All countries are overwhelmed at present, closing their borders and trying desperately to keep their citizens under effective quarantines. Thus, there is no foreign agent that could muster an attack on the US.

What is the motive? The obvious motive is to embarrass the Trump administration, which has been doing an admirable job communicating with US citizens and coordinating with state and local parties.  President Trump has an open line of communication with China’s Xi and other Heads of State worldwide. The steps President Trump took to immediately ban air travel from China stands in contract with the sluggish manner European countries took, and the disaster in Iran and Italy is the result.

Was the DDOS attack jealousy, or revenge? The US is following China’s model, which isolated and quarantined aggressively, and thus turned around the upward curve of new cases smartly. This is more difficult to do in a democracy, where civil rights are touted, than in a communist country that is essentially a dictatorship. But when this pandemic has subsided, the US and China will stand as examples on how to proceed. Iran and Europe are examples of what can result during delay and denial.

Martial Law Opportunists

As we stated in last week’s Newsletter, any steps taken toward Martial Law during the Covid-19 pandemic will not be eased back when the pandemic recedes. Nevertheless, there is no reason to waste a good opportunity! The US Tribunals have been in process since January, 2019 per an Executive Order from President Trump. Numerous high profile individuals have been executed as a result, and replaced with Doubles. In these cases, there is always a “tell”, as the Doubles are not a perfect mirror image. To evade justice, many criminals are in hiding, but the shutdowns and lockdowns ongoing allow them to be exposed and thus arrested.

ZetaTalk Prediction 3/31/2020: We have stated that Heads of State, worldwide, have been told that the reality of Nibiru in the skies will be too obvious to deny by January 2021. Given this anticipation, any steps toward Martial Law taken in 2020 to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic can be assumed to be permanent. We have also stated that the Covid-19 pandemic will be “dramatically eased by mid-Summer 2020”, assuming aggressive quarantine practices and new anti-virals and vaccines. This should not be expected to ease any Martial Law edicts already in place.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 3/31/2020: We stated weeks ago that any Martial Law steps enacted due to the Covid-19 pandemic would likely remain in place, due to the expectation that Nibiru will no longer be deniable. Heads of State were told that January 2021 was the date when they could expect their citizens to be aware of Nibiru, even without official acknowledgement, and even despite all the loud arguments the cover-up crowd asserts. But this pandemic was not started with that goal in mind, as it was started by nature in the wet markets of China where optimum conditions were present for the emergence of Covid-19.

But Martial Law proponents are certainly taking advantage of this opportunity to get the public used to the idea of tight control over a restless public. Restricted movement, cancelation of large public gatherings prone to riot, control of food delivery and shopping access – all these trend to an environment that would comply with Martial Law edicts. But for those who state that these steps are not necessary to control the pandemic, we would point to China, which has conquered Covid-19, flat lining their new cases. This is the goal, to avoid another lingering and repeating pandemic such as the Spanish Flu epidemic in 1918.

Why is the Dark Judge reluctant to use the term “Martial Law”. He knows that this is a trigger term that can incite riot. Two things must happen before that day: 1. Nibiru must be admitted or acknowledged by the establishment, as this is the reason for continuing Martial Law, and 2. The current Covid-19 pandemic must be tamed, which we predicted will occur by mid-Summer when it will be “dramatically eased”. Given the strain on healthcare and hospitals worldwide, the shutdowns and lockdowns will not be completely lifted until data on new cases shows the pandemic will not re-emerge.

In that many Central Banks are releasing more funds to stimulate the economy or shore up distressed industry or provide relief for temporarily unemployed citizens, the role of Central Banks during Martial Law is being exposed. The history of money shows primitive man using the barter system and then the emergence of money as a convenience and then the establishment of Central Banks to control runaway inflation from flooding of new dollars into the economy. New funds are needed as the population increases, but too many dollars at once can create a Banana Republic syndrome. Martial Law puts the military in control of these decisions.

Are extraordinary arrests of those targeted by the Tribunals being made during the pandemic lockdowns? Why would they not? Those trying to evade the Tribunals run from country to country, seeking non-extradition or just a friendly hideaway. When airlines are grounded so that private plane use is exposed, and the streets are virtually empty of pedestrians and cars so that any traffic is obvious, such arrests and instant extradition are facilitated. Once again, this does not mean that Covid-19 was engineered or released to facilitate this cleanup. The Tribunals are just being opportunists.

Nibiru Worse

Thought Covid-10 emerged from the drains in the Wuhan wet market and was not deliberately set by the hands of man nor by the hand of God, it might appear to be a blessing in disguise in that it is a dry run for the panic and riot that can be expected to occur when awareness of Nibiru is manifest. Mankind is learning to put entertainment and amusements aside, and instead seek ways they can help each other. Hopefully, city dwellers will take steps toward self-sufficiency, learning how to feed themselves.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 3/31/2020: How does this differ from what the world will experience when the reality of Nibiru can no longer be denied? Strong-arm tactics to ensure that food is grown and distributed will continue. Grocery delivery may likewise remain, to prevent looting and hoarding. Public gatherings will likely be limited due to the fear they will spring into wholesale riots. As disasters swamp coastlines with seawater and earthquakes collapse cities into rubble, refugees will be transported to rural areas and forced into survival camps. Not all that different from the Covid-19 steps.

Nancy and ourselves have, since the start of the ZetaTalk saga 25 years ago, encouraged home gardens, urban gardens, and container gardens on porches;  meatless meals from lysine rich vegies such as amaranth and buckwheat;  insect farms which can flourish on compost scraps or manure; and suburban chicken flocks and goat herds munching grass along roadsides. We have emphasized seed savings and practicing all such needed skill sets well before the hour when they would become a necessity. We have featured alternative lifestyles such as houseboat communities reliant on fish.But, except for Russia, the establishment worldwide has chosen to deny Nibiru. Heads of State were warned some years ago that by January 2021 Nibiru could no longer be denied. Still, months away, the public is not being allowed to prepare as the cover-up prevails. Brutal Martial Law will result, with city dwellers forced into starvation rationing or forced into the fields to grow food. Those in charge of the cover-up excuse their posture by clinging to the hope that the passage will not be as extreme as we, the Zetas, have predicted. They reason that panic would kill more people than the truth.

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