Puppets in The Intel Community

Puppets in The Intel Community

Today I’m removing one more member from the list of intel I’ve been following.

Through the years I’ve followed, off and on, some of the folks on the list below and removed near all of them as I come to find out they are actually puppets of the establishment and agents of disinformation. Benjamin Fulford was one of the last ones that remained in my list and today I’m deleting him out! In all honesty, it’s been bothering me that he names the sources of his info as members of the very groups he also claims to be fighting against. This has been on my mind for quite some time and today I confirm that in fact he’s just one of them, paid by them, to spread lies and disinfo to maintain themselves in power, all the while collecting donations and monies from those who buy into their BS. I’ve previously shared Ben Fulford’s intel on this blog and I’ll be editing all of them to let my readers know that I can no longer endorse this person or share his information as a reliable source as only 50% of his predictions have materialized, therefore he’s out of my list.

At minute 11:52 on a video by Thomas Williams, you can hear him vehemently calling out the following list as “false prophets with an f ” [meaning, profiteers] and puppets.

  • Drake
  • David Wilcock
  • [Benjamin] Fulford
  • Nassim Haramein
  • Corey Goode
  • The Indian Gurus (?)
  • Stillness in the Storm
  • Kauilapele
  • Drunvalo Melchiezedek
  • Alfred Weber
  • James Gilliland
  • Sisterhood of the Rose (Sirius B based)
  • Mayan Elders

And he adds, “There will be no …

  • Martial Law,
  • Ascension BS via mass mediation,
  • 144K fake [?] based saviors,
  • 3 or 10 days of darkness,
  • Alignment with Uranus,
  • and Pleiades saviors.

They all are as fake as a glass eye!”

UPDATE (2021/Feb/17)

I recently came across some troubling information regarding the above mentioned person, Thomas Williams and his associates, which causes me to retract my previous references to him as a reliable source of information or conduct. Therefore, I’ve deleted all his videos that I have shared along with any endorsements, leaving just a few existent text that seem plausible and can be useful for growth of discernment muscles and spiritual studies.

My Current List of Intel

UPDATES (2021/April/15)

Neil Keenan puts the final nail in the coffin of disinfo agent Benjamin Fulford. Listen Neil specifically addressing Ben Fulford at minute 11:50 of the below video:

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