Is Human Trafficking Real?

Yes, tragically, it’s real. It’s a long and very sad story. See for yourself.

When a picture is worth a thousand words

And the purpose is this …

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”

William Shakespeare (The Tempest Act 1, Scene 2)

Pedogate – Part 1

Pedogate – Part 2

Not surprisingly, YouTube removed their channel, but a copy is available on BitChute!

Pedogate – Part 3

Elite Human Trafficking Via “Art” in Embassies

Credit: Mouthy Buddha


Isaac Kappy vs. The Shadows of Hollywood & Covid Connections

Mike Pence Tortured & Murdered Children??!!

Tory Smith, on the two videos below, apparently was killed for exposing this! His last video was posted on July 13, 2016, just 2 months after posting the below video, where he seems very ill. Coincidence?

Copy of the above video
Copy of the above video

“… The investigation was conducted by the Pentagon’s Defense Criminal Investigative Service and it netted hundreds of suspects who work for and are affiliated with the DOD. Let that sink in. Hundreds of government employees are using taxpayer funded official DOD networks and computers to view and share child pornography — essentially running a child porn network on a government system. …”

~ The Free Thought Project

One of the rescues



The latest from Timothy Holmseth and Ben Fulford. Although I no longer trust Ben Fulford’s information as 100% true, there is still some in it that can be salvaged and I believe he’s correct regarding the rescue of these tortured children from underground bases. The only reason I believe it to be true is because the ETs are saying the same thing.

Top CEOs of companies, your royal families, your politicians, your famous music artists, your favorite Hollywood heroes are the predators.

Timothy C. Holmseth

A list of children being kept for torture in order to extract adrenochrome from them to supply the “elite” of monsters on our planet. [Source]

UPDATE: 2020-OCT-12

UPDATE: 2020-OCT-23

16 Kids Saved From Australian Pedophile Ring, Videos Seized From Suspects Include Rape Of 18-Month-Old

UPDATE: 2021-JUL-11

A huge ring of human trafficking and sacrifice has been busted in Canada!

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