YouTube Will Shut Down?!

YouTube Will Shut Down?!

I sure hope so and it will be well deserved, if you ask me! They also have censored my videos and deebosted my channel. It has become a most disgusting platform to be part of as they practice favoritism, pumping up channels and videos of those they pick and choose for nefarious reasons, including keeping the public distracted by promoting lies and meaninglessness, while pumping down truthers and actual important issues.

Below are the tweets of Utsava, a psychic woman from Switzerland, based in the US, known for her accurate predictions, saying that YouTube will shut down. I personally don’t know this person and can’t say much about her, but what she says seems in line with the likelihood of their ultimate demise. I’ve already read another intel (don’t remember where) saying that YouTube will eventually be banned by the government, which will sue the crap out of them and likely imprison, or worse, their execs.

As I have stated in the past, I do not trust source of intel that promotes/advocates religion and religious ideas. Since the psychic lady above-mentioned talks about people that have died and gone to hell, I cannot fully trust her source of knowledge and information as I don’t believe in the idea of heaven and hell and resonate a lot more with what the ETs describe as hell, being a place (usually a planet, or an environment) where souls of the same energy share a mutual existence. Likeness attracts likeness and hell is the attraction of evil unto itself, as heaven is the attraction of goodness unto self.

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