Trump a Reincarnation of General Patton?!

President Trump a Reincarnation of General Patton?!

President Trump is reputed to be the reincarnation of General Patton, and the Zetas confirm. Known as Old Blood and Guts, Patton never gave up and consistently won his battles, being greatly feared by his enemies. Considered arrogant and brash, being politically correct was not his mode, and he was often chided by his superiors for this. Like President Trump he had Scottish blood in his veins. General Patton did not wish to be a martyr, and despite the dozens of known assassination attempts against President Trump, he is going strong too.

“Politicians are the lowest form of life on Earth. Liberal democrats are the lowest form of politicians.”

~ Gen. George S. Patton

ZetaTalk Newsletter #719

It should surprise no one that President Trump was General Patton in a past life. Personality, style, and accomplishments all fit the profile. Patton was goal oriented, and was brash and insulting on occasion. As a military commander known for his ability to win battles, he was feared by his enemies, and often chided by his superiors. He was not faint hearted nor politically correct. Like President Trump, he carried Scottish blood, with the fiery temper that came with being a Scotsman. President Trump, like General Patton, is stubborn, and thus his recent health scare. President Trump refuses to wear a mask, took Hydroxychloroquine to prove it was not harmful for the general population, and is notorious for eating fast food.

Does he willingly take medication prescribed by his doctor or change his diet? He is stubborn and a workaholic. He is under our protection, and we would instantly assist him with any health problems, but he must first ask for this. We, the Zetas, cannot simply jump in and attend to his body. He must first request this. Thus when he suffered a minor, temporary stroke akin to that Nancy suffered, we dissolved the clot and within a few days he will not have any remnants of the scare. We also were allowed, by President Trump, to assist him when he developed Covid-19 after being face-to-face with the Brazilian President Bolsonaro in March. We wait to be asked, as the US and the world desperately need his leadership.

What are the battles that General Patton, aka President Trump are currently fighting? How about the final battle between Good and Evil during the End Times? Eliminating the Moloch worshiping Satanists from power is one of the battles. Not worthy? They grow babies on baby farms such as John of God, a favorite of Oprah, ran in Brazil. These little ones and other children caught up in the sex trade are raped and slaughtered for their Adrenochrome, a high and an aging preventative sought by the Satanist elites. The networks President Trump and his junta battle include gun and drug running, politicians who steal from the public treasury, and starting wars for political advantage.

~ ZetaTalk
President Donald J. Trump and General George S. Patton [Source: Wikipedia]
President Donald J. Trump and General George S. Patton [Source: Wikipedia]

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