Rhianna a True Star?!

Last year, sometime in May of 2019, I made a video to answer a question asked of me, regarding a star on Rhianna’s hand and, after looking at her hand, I concluded that no star existed on her Sun Mount, as some may have thought, and even if the marks seen on her Sun Mount would be of a star (which are not), it would mean fame after mid-age. Therefore, I concluded that her fame was fabricated. Well, today I realize I was right. In fact, she’s been accused of being a lesbian pedophile! Someone has made a public confession, prior to apparently committing suicide, that part of his job was to search and recruit girls for Rhianna and they all would come willingly as soon as they heard her name, according to the hired aid! What a disgrace! These people are not stars! They are predators using their fabricated fame just as a tool to lure children!

If the above video gets deleted, watch it here!

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