The Wayfair Scandal – Truth or Conspiracy?

What the Zetas Have to Say About Wayfair Scandal? Truth or Conspiracy?

Oprah e Ellen wearing ankle monitors
Oprah e Ellen wearing ankle monitors [Credit:]

ZetaTalk Confirmation 7/31/2020: What is the likelihood that children are being sold on the web, packaged with furniture to be delivered from Wayfair? Are special arrangements being made when a high-priced item is sold, so that a double transport occurs, the child in one, the furniture in another? What would occur if a buyer did not intend to buy a child, and called the police or FBI upon delivery? This is, frankly, not how the sex trade operates. Buyers are carefully vetted, and nothing about the transaction is public. Why then the odd overpriced furniture on Wayfair?

Ellen, as Oprah, are Satanists and do indeed participate in the child sex trade. Oprah was a big fan of John of God who had a baby farm in Brazil. Both Oprah and Ellen have celebrity status, shows on TV that provide name recognition, and thus can influence the public. Both appeared in photos this past Spring of 2020 with ankle monitors on their right legs. That the Wayfair conspiracy theory is emerging now is due to leaks from investigators, and yes, this is indeed a route by which child trafficking is promoted.

The ads featuring overpriced furniture have a special phone number, where client lists are maintained and the buyer vetted. Any accidental requests thus do not prove to be vetted and are directed to the regular priced item, with the overpricing excused as a typo or accident. Wayfair as a corporation was unaware of this activity, and is in horror. Middle management ran this operation, as did the celebrities who promoted their name brand items. How can these trafficking networks work with such confidence that they will not get caught! Is it all just intimidation and bribery? A threat of slashed tires or a cut in the brake line, or getting punching in the face? A threat that your reputation will be ruined with a smear campaign, or your job at risk? Or perhaps an offer that is too lucrative to ignore, a good job offer or an evening with the girl of your dreams. A recent police raid in the Netherlands, the heart of pedophilia in Europe, shows yet another inducement — pain.


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