Donald Trump is the Last President of the USA

I don’t like to get involved in politics since disputes over political idealisms are the same as those of religions. However, I am well aware that President Donald Trump has been fighting to end human trafficking, torture and sacrifices of children, and to eliminate these criminal monsters from our society. In addition to the sadness of this human tragedy are some, totally alienated ignorants, fighting against this hero and, in essence, helping criminals who fight against this president in order to avoid their apprehension and, these alienated ignorants [“American” wannabees lobbying for politicians regardless of their evil], collaborate with criminals purely and simply to defend what they believe to be of their own benefit, such as immigration and/or socialism. The day is approaching when these imbeciles that fight against this human hero fall together with the criminals. Trump will be the last president of the United States, which will return to its original Constitution of Common Law (currently subverted into Maritime Admiralty Laws of The Sea, which depreciates the value of a human down to a consumable product), and very possibly merging with Canada.


“Got to do something about these missing chidlren [sic] grabbed by the perverts. Too many incidents—fast trial, death penalty.”

~ Donald Trump, Oct 2012
The above video is being being mirrored below in case YouTube deletes the channel and/or the video: Credit is fully due to the original author.

Here’s an opportunity to save money and support President Trump by avoiding these companies treacherous of the USA

Historic Moments!

UPDATE: 23-OCT-2020

As my readers can see, the below videos were removed from YouTube who’s engaged on an illegal censoring rampage. Their days are counted, and we can count on that! If I can remember and locate the deleted videos elsewhere, I will repost them!

UPDATE: 7-OCT-2020

I promise to never again share a video posted on disgusting YouTube! I will download the video and mirror it instead!

It is the end of the democratic party and the execution of the guilty of high crimes against humanity! As stated above, Donald Trump is the last president of the United States!

UPDATE: 12-OCT-2020

UPDATE: 23-OCT-2020

16 Kids Saved From Australian Pedophile Ring, Videos Seized From Suspects Include Rape Of 18-Month-Old

UPDATE: 10-JAN-2021

This more recent video below explains everything that’s been going on since 1877 and what’s about to unfold!

Copy of the above video

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