17 Global Changing Events Coming in October

17 Global Changing Events Coming in October

1) Global Currency RESET switching from a Central Banking petro-dollars to a gold backed paper/digital currency. This will destroy massive global corruption.

2) Mass arrests of BLM/Antifa + their financial supporters.

3) This will be possible only one way: The Insurrection Act will be invoked By President Trump with devastating evidence and all hostile entities will be indicted. New Temporary Emergency Laws shall be enforced by military personnel deployed quickly throughout the country. Trump’s last quote was ‘Our Boys could take care of this in 15 minutes.’ TVs will go black, internet will go down and an emergency notification will be on all devices.

4) Simultaneously, a military takeover of all MSM outlets, Twitter, Google etc. for election. All top swamp creatures will be simultaneously arrested including Hillary, Soros, Generals, CEOs, Pelosi, etc.

5) A broadcast will begin, the likes of which we have never seen before. Arrests and exposure of many famous people who already agreed to do live confessions and live arrests.

6) Internet Blackout for 15 minutes while we take repossession of ICANN, the internet addressing system. They will do an internet reset and restart with a new global internet security repair, eliminating all hostile artificial intelligence and their attack bots. Necessary for QFS.

7) Suspension of Congress will occur and cleaned out Mainstream Media will begin the broadcast of massive Military Tribunals.

8) Announcements of recovered stolen assets and the beginning of giving money back to people … and I have heard that it’s a lot of money we are owed.

9) Many beautiful laws are already prepared for this time.

10) Suspension of all income taxes, rules will be applied via emergency laws that are already written and ready to be made into law during this time of Martial Law for which feels like a blessing from God.

11) Free Health Care!

12) MASS ARRESTS OF SEX TRAFFICKERS AND FREEING OF LOST CHILDREN! This will also be broadcast and send a huge message worldwide. It will be a show that nobody forgets and won’t cry tears of joyous celebrations while softening sorrow. Suspension of CPS, Planned Parenthood, etc.

13) Suspension of all student loans and financial defunding of hostile education NGOs and Unions, and arrests. New education laws (all of these temporary laws will be incentive to vote Republican so they can become permanent).

14) Suspension of all COVID Regulations.

15) Trump reveals his relationship to Q.

16) Trump begins releasing repossessed patents for amazing technologies and makes programs for great new business and employment opportunities.

17) Martial Law will continue through the elections in order to secure election integrity and safety.

Then We Vote.

And did I mention that similar things will occur globally? That’s why Trump has been so busy cutting contracts with all these countries.

Source: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1305983134828167168.html

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