The Zetas Explain the Doubles

The Zetas Explain the Doubles


I don’t know how the Junta finds these perfect body doubles. It’s hard to believe actually because the person that IS the double must be somehow “erased”. Their real identity concealed. Those doubles had their real names and lives before they assumed the role of being a body double for another person. My question is how is the real identity of a body double person erased and concealed?


How is it that with hundreds of Doubles already replacing their real counterparts, no Doubles have come forth with an exposè? Most criminals arrested and/or executed do not receive a Double but simply disappear from public view. Perhaps they issue tweets or comments by email, but this does not require a Double. They announce early retirement, or a decision to travel abroad, or simply are not heard from anymore. But for politicians at the helm of government or a hand full of celebrities closely watched by the public, Doubles are sought.

What is the requirement for selection as a Double? Facial structure, body size, and audio check for a similar voice. Out of 7 billion plus humans on Earth, every Double requirement has tens of thousands of candidates. Plastic surgery can align the individual with the original, and steps like hair color and makeup can be applied. All Doubles out in public view are given a team to assist them, so can evade awkward questions or be prepared with answers.

The Doubles selected are, as we have mentioned, primarily out of work actors. They are also socially isolated, introverts rather than extroverts, and are selected because they are without mates or family connections. They are paid immensely well so that the possibility of a book deal is not tempting. They also must sign papers stating that if they reveal their status before the “end of the engagement” that they agree to being restrained, imprisoned, and to the loss of all their compensation and benefits.

The danger in exposing a Double comes not from the Double but those with a vested interest in the original being replaced. Since criminal behavior is involved, those with a vested interest are threatened with arrest and imprisonment or perhaps being sent to Gitmo with a grim outcome such as execution. They chose silence. They assume that in time there will be a change in government and they can speak out, write a book, and even sue for damages. They comfort themselves that all these Tribunals are just due to President Trump in power, and campaign for the Democrat candidates.


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