I’ll admit I’m skeptical of this lady’s intentions with these “prophecies” as I tend to distrust “INTEL” that promotes religious beliefs as all religions (no exception) are hoaxes for control going side by side with government. The very word government means govern + ment (mind), that is, control of people’s mind/thinking/beliefs, just as ALL religions do. My gut feeling tells me she’s herself deceived by these beliefs, because if she really knew the truth, she would not follow any religion. MK Ultra¹ is behind the technology that sends voices to people’s head. She might mean well, but to me it’s clear that she’s into the deception, knowingly or not.

The above video is mirrored on BitChute

I noticed that TheRealDarkJudge², a trusted member of INTEL with a twitter account, never mentions this lady nor retweet her tweets (as far as I know). Again, I do not trust INTEL that promotes religions or any religious beliefs (new age included), which is the reason I do not follow Q nor fully trust them. I’m sure they are right on all the dirt on the dems they expose, BUT, at the same time, they (or many of their members) also promote the Jesus hoax and to me that’s a red flag and an indication they are the other side of the controlling wannabes of this world. It’s a two-side faction fighting for control of humans and Earth, as it’s been going on for eons.

² On one of the TheRealDarkJudge‘s tweets he said that people are not supposed to be profiting from the Q-Anon bandwagon, which explains why he never retweets Utsava’s tweets as it seems that’s exactly what she and many others are doing. I suspect these profiteers will be exposed soon.

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