The Trump Presidency is a Military Sting Operation

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According to many reliable sources, President Trump is part of a military sting operation to round up and bring down the Deep State infiltrated in America. Members of Deep State are infiltrated all over the world, not only in America; therefore, the outcome of this military operation has repercussion worldwide! The transition of power to occur on January 20, 2020 is actually the transition of power stolen from The People back to The People! This is what the sold out politicians members of the Deep State are fighting against (Trump) because they want to retain the status quo to carry on “business as usual”!

“This is a full-fledged revolution. … So, what’s happening now, contrary to what many believe, [is that] Trump is very much in control. … He’s watching the game, manipulating it and you don’t see it.

“Trump will win! I’d like to ask the people of America to please just stay calm, do what you’re doing, go to work, let’s get the economy back up again; I want all the small businesses to come up again. This notion of a pandemic is nonsense.”

~ Dr. Steve Pieczenik
I must admit I’m not a fan of Alex Jones and do not wish to promote him; however, the portion of his video (above) is being used solely to share the statements of Dr. Pieczenik as he was exclusively interviewed on his show.

COVID-19 Is A Deep State Bio-Weapon

The Zeta’s layout of the forthcoming likely scenarios is that the vaccine release announcement will end the lock-downs, which have been used as a political maneuver to facilitate voting fraud and other frauds including the profiteering of the oligarchs (i.e., Amazon, Walmart, etc.) along with the destruction of the middle class. They say the White Hats’ main goal is to bring down the Deep State to restore the US Republic and that there are behind the scenes operations taking place. They are also saying that no forced vaccination will be mandated.

UPDATE: 2021-Jan-09

Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney Explains Everything

Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney explains everything that’s been going on

A Very Important Update & Explanation

This article describes what truly happened at the Capitol in Washington, DC, on January 7 and what’s about to happen!

819 Reptilians Due To Be Arrested?

As it seems, now deceased Troy Smith, who had the ability to read DNA, in 2015 was already talking of the mass arrests we are finally about to see happening soon! Some of these arrests already occurred!


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