The Insurrection Act Has Been Evoked

Having sufficiently educated the public on the FACT that an illegal Insurrection was taking place, President Trump invoked the Insurrection Act of 1807. The majority of the public now believes that election fraud took place, and the sight of Antifa agents with Viking horns on head standing at the podium in the House topped it off. The arrogant Cabal — composed of Khazarian Satan worshipers and corrupt Democrats and the New World Order crowd in Europe — were crowing over their success on the Electoral count on January 6, and showed their hand.

They are now rallying around the Pelosi figurehead, who plans to attempt to impeach President Trump and enlist the help of the US Military to remove the powers of the Presidency from President Trump. Given the FACT of the demonstrable election fraud, there can be no doubt that this is an insurrection. As is being reported by various valid sources, arrests are taking place in the US and in Europe, where allies of the insurrection reside. The Alliance of White Hats in Europe, composed of NATO allies and the military allies of the US Department of Defense, have been busy.

What are the blackouts being reported? In those regions where arrests were to be made, a blackout can assure that communications between the traitors of Cabal allies cannot occur. The blackout affects more than the power grid, it also affects cell phone towers and Internet support. Scurrying like rats, those who are being arrested are not alerted, nor can they alert others. Where the Vatican arrests are assumed to be over child sex abuse, the Vatican is in fact a Satanist support group. Pope Francis was already murdered by this group, and has been a Black Hat Double.

~ Zetas

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