The Real Biden vs. The Fake Biden


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Original Joe Biden above
Original + Fake Joe Biden above

A green screen failure reveals a fake president in a fake (staged) interview!

Credit: Memology 101

If they can fake an attack by an airplane on a high riser, they can sure fake anything!

Credit: Joseph Oakley

The Presidential Election Is A Sting Operation


As we have consistently confirmed, the current Presidential election is a sting operation. This means effecting the façade that Biden won sufficiently to allow the guilty to fall into traps. While committing treason to assume control of the USA, those at the helm attempt to hide behind underlings, who would take the blame if the coup does not work out. These underlings did not conceive of nor order nor fund nor orchestrate the coup. The underlings might follow orders to arrange funding or schedule activity or pass along instructions but they are not the target of the sting.

The 2020 election was a massive coup attempt, which involved at a minimum participation by China’s CCP and Italy and the absolute lock on the voting apparatus in several Swing States. The lock included agreements to stick to the story line, on pain of death should the participants falter. Lower court judges and SCOTUS were also threatened, and slid any cases challenging the election outcome to the side as a result. Meanwhile, the well-controlled media attempts to convince the public that Biden won. Meanwhile, the US Junta is hunting down and executing those responsible for this coup attempt.

The façade that Biden legally won the Presidency and is running the US government is required in order to flush out those at the helm of the coup. This includes finally turning some lights on at the White House, after it had been dark for over a week after the election. This includes allowing some videos showing the Biden Double exiting and entering official Air Force One transports after over a week of chatter on the Internet about Biden being forced to use alternative transports. While the movie – the façade – is being filmed, everyone in the know at Andrews AFB is relatively relaxed. Thus, a breach in security was allowed to occur.


Clone Myths

ZetaTalk Review 1/31/2021:

Cloning done on humans is rarely done, and only in those cases when the human is expected to have an important role in adulthood. This is always done at conception, mixing a sperm and an ova and then dividing the resulting zygote by cell division into many. At this point all the parts are identical, and no specialization of cells has occurred. The age of the clones is likewise identical. The practice of cloning animals occurs, as Dolly the Sheep shows, but the result is an infant, not an adult.

George Herbert Bush arranged to have his son George Jr. cloned because of his plans for the New World Order takeover of the world. There were 5, and the current George Jr. is not the clone that was President. That clone had become a hopeless addict so was killed by his handlers.  Queen Elizabeth was also cloned at birth as a protection against attempts to hijack the throne. When the White Hat Alliance recently executed the Queen, one of the Doubles used as a replacement was this clone, who had the right facial characteristics but was inches too short.

The Doubles that have been appearing during the Tribunals that started in 2019 are not clones. We have explained that these are actors identified by facial recognition software and employed under contract to act the part of the individual under arrest. There are severe consequences for breaking the contract. We, the Zetas, employ cloning for reproduction as this eases the pain of childbirth. We also employ artificial wombs. Clones may have identical bodies but different souls are incarnating, so they are not at all identical in their attitudes or life choices.


Joe Biden is Actor Jim Carrey?!

ZetaTalk Confirmation 9/27/2007:

The Bush clones, who were in fact identical twins as the zygote was split and implanted into Barbara and several surrogate mothers, show the serious intent, as should the brother in the public eye develop a fatal illness or go insane or refuse to be directed by the cabal planning to rule the world, they could substitute another brother.

ZetaTalk Review 1/31/2021: 

Claims that human cloning was done by the Pointy Headed aliens living in cities under the ice in Antarctica are disinformation, as aliens in the Service-to-Self are not permitted to conduct such activities on humans. Any torture of children and harvesting of blood for Adrenochrome was done by humans, not by the Pointy Heads, although the Pointy Heads had always encouraged this Satanic practice.


Fake White House + Fake Press Room!

So, Trump remains as President!

The CAT is OUT of the BAG!

While this information, of Biden being a body double, is true, the ETs Zetas have informed that Joe Biden has been taken to GITMO since last year (see this, this and this) and the current body double is actually an actor planted by the White Hats Junta, supporting Donald Trump, to teach the ones that voted for Biden a valuable and unforgettable lesson while they also harvest a larger crop of criminals to GITMO!


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