The Real Kamala vs. The Fake Kamala and Why

A prank on The People by the Government, to teach them a lesson in addition to a larger harvest of criminals and traitors? It seems so.

At the end of July [2020] the Zetas presented several options for the Junta to pursue, in order to resolve the illegal actions of the Biden campaign. They had a Double campaigning, which is a fraud. They were arranging mail-in ballot election fraud. They intended to select Kamala Harris as a VP, where she had a history of taking bribes to skew prosecution outcomes. And Biden himself was party to the criminal spying on the Trump campaign, per FBI notes. While keeping the Tribunal process a secret, what is the Junta to do?

ZetaTalk Options 7/31/2020: The likely option would be for the Democratic Party to create a health crisis for “Biden” at the last minute so that mail-in ballots, which have the name of the VP included, become, in essence, a vote for the Democrat VP to be the President. A second option for the Democrat Party would be to persist with the ruse and allow the Double to campaign. Yet another scenario that could play out would be for the Junta to allow the election process to proceed with the Black Hat Biden Double claiming to be Biden. And in the event that the Democrat Party wins, all those aware of and running this fraud would be arrested for treason. Meanwhile, a White Hat Double of Biden would be installed in the White House, under the control of the Junta.

Suddenly, after months of delay, the Biden campaign declared a VP choice – Kamala Harris. In that she had already been replaced by a Double, per the Zetas due to her history of taking bribes to change prosecution outcomes, what does this mean? We have a Double running for President and a Double running as the VP choice, and both have criminal records. What is the Junta to do?  As has been repeatedly stated, by Q and the Dark Judge and the Zetas, the Junta does not want the public [at large] to become aware of the Tribunals as yet. But with the Biden campaign so very public, what is to be done?

ZetaTalk Insight 8/31/2020: Just weeks ago we presented several outcomes for the Biden campaign, given that the Cabal, desperate to regain the White House, has a Black Hat Biden Double as a candidate. This Biden would never be allowed to be inaugurated. In July we also confirmed that Kamala Harris had become a White Hat Double. Why would the Biden campaign choose a White Hat Double, who presumably would never take orders from the Cabal as the Harris Double is controlled by the Junta? This has a simple explanation. Our list of options for the Junta presented last July included having the Junta take over the Biden campaign. This has happened.

Is this legal? The Biden campaign is now officially an under-cover sting operation, under the FBI, and thus is legal. The Biden campaign has been running a fraud on the American people, which is illegal. FBI investigators caught the Biden campaign setting up illegal mail-in ballot schemes in several states – bribing postal workers and securing signed voter rolls from poll workers. This was enough to arrest all involved for treason. The perps are now at Gitmo awaiting trial, including the real Biden.

This leaves the Junta with the outstanding problem of public perception, as they do not yet want to have the public aware that the US is and has been under Martial Law since the Fall of 2015. To have full control of the Biden campaign, the Junta inserted their own White Hat Biden into the basement in Delaware and directed him to choose the White Hat Harris as his running mate. Yes, this is yet another Biden Double. The Biden campaign will continue, but with those directing the criminal mail-in ballot scheme under arrest, the election will proceed as the voter intends. Those in the media who have been fraudulently claiming that Biden was ahead will adjust their claims gradually so as not to be embarrassed on November 3.

~ ZetaTalk®

Excerpt from ZetaTalk® Issue 723 – August 9, 2020

Lately there has been a splash of interest on the Internet to determine who has or has not been replaced by a Double. For months, the Dark Judge has tweaked curiosity with his comments, and many replacements are obvious to the public. ZetaTalk has confirmed 45 Doubles. As the numbers have grown, many Doubles lists have appeared. The Dark Judge, who has a direct line to Tribunals in process, has stated that “half of Hollywood is gone” or words to that effect. The Zetas state that the Doubles are in the hundreds. The list of sealed indictments keeps growing, space at Gitmo was increased to house more prisoners, and air traffic to and from Gitmo has been heavy.

As of mid-July, Kamala Harris has started to look very different during her interviews. What was her crime? Maxine Waters likewise appeared different during the Covid-19 lockdowns. What was her crime? Satanism? The plethora of celebrities on speculative lists could be explained by Satanist practices in Hollywood. It should be recalled that Hillary went to Hollywood regularly when she was the wife of Bill as the then Governor of Arkansas, as she was a member of a coven of witches there, per Bill. Satanism and Moloch child sacrifice in Hollywood has a long and deep history, apparently.

ZetaTalk Clues 7/31/2020: We at ZetaTalk have no desire to be used to verify every suspected Double, to satisfy curiosity. We have privately told Nancy that there are hundreds of Doubles in use at present, and this includes those run by the Tribunals in the US, by the European equivalent of the Tribunals, and by the Black Hats installing their own replacements. The 2020 Presidential election is significant in that the US Military is as large as all others in the world, combined. Thus, control of the US is desired, and the 2020 candidates and their backers are key to the Earth’s future.

What does it mean, legally, when the current Biden Double, who is a Black Hat Double, is running for the position of President of the US? His handlers have the real Biden in hand, in case a DNA sample is demanded, and could claim that the Double is only a stand-in and the real Biden in charge. But this is all certainly a fraud on the public, and thus illegal. Kamala Harris is highly ambitious, and willing to do anything to promote herself. But it is not her ambitions that doom her, it is her past as a prosecutor. She took funds to bend the law, which is a crime. In that she was being considered by the Biden campaign for the VP position, her criminal past became an issue.

~ ZetaTalk®

I heard intel information saying that they are preparing to take Double Biden down by mid February, alleging mental incapacity, and promote Harris to “President,” letting her Double run the show until beginning of March and then reveal the whole Plan to the public by the legally elected President Trump.

UPDATE (2021/APR/17)

Obviously the above didn’t happen and as a result I stopped listening to most “intel” informants and I’ve decided to unfaltering apply my golden rule of discernment from now on. One source I still feel I can trust has given an update recently. Read what the Zetas explain as to Why Is Taking So Long For President Trump to Be Reinstated.


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