USA Corporation Bankruptcy Filings?

I found the below images on the internet and decided to investigate.

I looked at this case using PACER docket registry and what I found as I read some of these court filings is that in fact this bankruptcy petition was filed by a civil person (Hephzibah a/k/a Shekinah-El d/b/a Moorish Science Temple of America and Court of Equity and Truth) in 2018 and was dismissed as “frivolous, baseless, and vexatious.” So, folks, don’t be naïve and just believe anything you see on the internet!

I’m not saying that the USA is not a Corporation, as it is indeed and we can see it on their Articles of Incorporation (included in the case) — nor that the exposed violations against the Constitution and acts of treason have not been committed. However, if this Corporation is in fact adjudicated as bankrupted, these court case documents are not showing that! At best, it shows an attempt by a civil and very courageous person among We The People to bring the corporation down via an involuntary bankruptcy filing, which was subsequently dismissed!

CASE BACKGROUND (as stated in court filed documents):

“Hephzibah a/k/a Shekinah-El has commenced two (2) bankruptcy cases and three (3) adversary proceedings in this Court, including the instant case. She has also filed numerous cases in state and other federal courts.2 She has sued or attempted to sue federal, state, and local agencies, their employees, attorneys, judges, and other private persons and entities.3 This Court and others have determined that cases and claims filed by Hephzibah a/k/a Shekinah-El, other than the Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition filed in this Court in 2018,4 were, among other things, frivolous, baseless, and vexatious.5 …”

~ Page 2 of Order Enjoining Petitioning Party … to Show Cause … , Case no. 20-40375-KKS

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