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Parallel Earths ~//~ Terras Paralelas

Parallel Earths ~//~ Terras Paralelas

We have the ability to create parallel realities. There is no need to take part in anyone’s reality. It’s totally possible/real to create your own, the one you prefer! ~//~ Temos a capacidade de criar realidades paralelas. Não há necessidade de tomarmos parte na realidade de alguém. É totalmente possível/real criar a sua própria, a […]

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There are no victims ~//~ Não existem vítimas

There are no victims ~//~ Não existem vítimas

In American-English “When you know that nothing can pounce into your experience, that nothing that you are not wanting can come into your experience, then you are in a very good place. Then, you are in a place where never again are you operating from lack. Then, you are in that place where you are […]

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