Web Development

Need a Web site? Just a Web page? Perhaps a complex Web publication?

Christina Chalréo Breault is a graduated Web Developer and can fulfill all your web development needs!

I offer customized or pre-designed Web sites, as well as solo Web pages, according to your needs and goals. Whether you need a dedicated webmaster to design and maintain an entire Web site on as needed and on-going basis, or a one-time publication to go out twice a year, I can develop a package of services to accommodate these and many other needs.

Some of the areas I can serve you are:

  • WEB SITES — A collection of pages constituting a company or individual presence in the Internet.
  • WEB PUBLICATION — A simple or complex publication with the sole purpose of informing the services, background, products, means of contact and any other information regarding an entity or an individual.
  • WEB SERVICES — A Web site that offers services via the Internet such as product ordering, public access to database based information, client/user account access, training material, or any other service besides just information.
  • WEB DOCUMENTS — Stand-alone pages built specifically in HTML language to be viewed and used via the Internet, such as invoices, correspondence, newsletters, tables, flyers, e-mail message templates, calendars, etc.
  • MAILING LIST set-up and maintenance with us or with a provider of your choice — send out your monthly, or weekly, electronic newsletter to your customers, clients, or friends to promote your business.

I produce a wide range of Web-ready documents. Contrary to printed material, for the Web we must approach and implement techniques learned only through years of experience on the Web frontline. I focus on the technical capacity of your recipients (i.e., the type of computers and Internet connection they have, what filters their ISP — Internet Service Provider — uses), as well as on what would be inviting to their attention. My techniques and expertise will achieve the results my clients have in mind.

Below are some of the documents I have experience and the necessary technical expertise to create:

  • Web Stationery
  • Web Calendars
  • Electronic Invoices
  • Photo Albums
  • “New Address”, “Promotional Sale”, “Special Event” Announcements
  • E-Mail Campaigns and eMail Advertisement Design
  • …and much more!

Request more information or request a quote by completing and submitting my Web Design/Development Evaluation Form.

eMail Advertisement Design

Christina Chalréo Breault is an expert in the art of creating high quality, deliverable to all mediums, personalized electronic mail advertisements. I custom create professionally designed electronic deliverables that fit the objectives of my clients. Boost your sales with my turn-key eMail advertisement design. My prices start at $75.00 and up, depending on how elaborated your ad will be.

  • Customized electronic newsletters and advertisements
  • E-mail Catalogs — retail, special promotions, coupons …
  • Information about events, sales reports, new product or service …

What You’ll Get

When purchasing our eMail Ad Design service, you’ll get:

  • Custom HTML layout and construction of your email ad**
  • One custom illustrated Header/Headline
  • Addition of your provided images***
  • Two rounds of corrections/changes
  • Hosting of your images for up to 3 months

** The customer provides all the text contents

*** The customer provides all images already created and ready to go. Our email ad design service does not include creating custom illustrations for your ad or fixing existing ones as that is a separate charge for graphic design/illustration services. One minor photo/image correction/manipulation (i.e., red eye fix, background removal) is acceptable.

eMail Ad/Newsletter Design Purchase Packages
1 eMail Ad for $75
1 eMail Ad for $75 - Buy Now
3 eMail Ads for $200
3 eMail Ads for $200 - Buy Now
6 eMail Ads for $350
6 eMail Ads for $350 - Buy Now
Ms. Breault is open for barter ventures where I service you in exchange of your service to me.

Policies & Terms of Sale

Web Design

  • We require 50% down payment to commence all Web design work, 25% at the time the first draft is presented, and 25% to deliver the work complete.
  • The customer provides all the text, including all links, and imagery, either by emailing them or making them available online somewhere.
  • Unless specified in our Statement of Work (SOW) Agreement, we are not responsible for your Web site’s files/pages and/or your Web site technical malfunction. We do not act as technical support of your Web site unless we have an agreement signed for that specific work.
  • When we redesign a Web site that has been already designed, at the time of uploading your new Web pages/files, your old Web site pages/files might be entirely lost. It is your (the client) responsibility to maintain a backup copy of your entire “old-to-be” site in the event the new one overwriting files/pages that might become wanted/needed in the future. We are not responsible for lost old files when we redesign and upload your new Web site.

eMail Advertisement

  • We require 100% down payment for all agreed upon eMail Advertisement work.
  • The customer provides all the text, including all links (for PayPal purchase buttons, websites, e-mail, etc.), and all imagery, either by e-mailing them or making them available online somewhere.
  • We check our ad designs against the following three (3) e-mail clients only:
    • Outlook
    • Gmail
    • Hotmail

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