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Who You’ve Been ~//~ Quem Você Tem Sido

Who You’ve Been ~//~ Quem Você Tem Sido

“Now it’s time to tell you something that I feel is important for you to know and … ~//~ “Agora é hora de dizer-lhes algo que eu sinto que é importante para vocês saberem e …

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Site of the UFO landing. Photo by Helenice Rodrigues, Ufologist and researcher in neighboring city of Jundiaí, S.P., Brazil

ETs land on a farm in Itupeva, S.P., Brazil, in 1997 — Mystery remains

“… They couldn’t believe what they saw later: A large UFO that seemed to rest on top of the mountain and from it flowed yellow and red lights that reached a distance of approximately eight to ten kilometers away. But the biggest surprise would come later when they saw 4 extraterrestrial beings walking around that UFO with some difficulty. They were dressed in something like white capes. …”

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Newspaper clip

ETs descem numa fazenda em Itupeva, S.P., Brasil, em 1997 — Mistério permanece

Por Helenice Rodrigues [Traduzido por Christina Chalréo Breault] 25 de abril de 1997: Blackout em Itupeva e em toda a região. 26 de abril de 1997: A noite era quieta e o céu estava completamente estrelado na pequena cidade de Itupeva. O casal, Roque e Maria dos Anjos Ming, voltava de uma festa de casamento […]

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