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Carnival's Energy

Carnival’s Energy

Question: Sent by Marco Mantuano on January 15, 2013 At the time of carnival, is there really an “opening” (astral, energy, vibration, I don’t not know the technical term because of my knowledge as a beginner compared to yours) where the negativity is more conspicuous in the air? During a period when I was involved […]

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Birth of The Divine Laws – Akhashic Records – Kharma – Dharma (Destinies)

Sent by KORPKENS, leader of the planet (Guestras) Neptune Captured and written by Domingos Yezzi on December 8, 2012 at 7:00PM in São Paulo, Brazil Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault on December 11, 2012 at 8:00PM in Lake City, Florida, USA The Divine Justice The Central Cosmic Core — God — in Its immense power […]

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Grand Universe

O Nascimento das Leis Divinas – Os Registros Akáshikos – O Khárma – O Dhárma (Destinos)

A Justiça Divina Remetido por KÓRPKÉNS, líder do planeta (Guestras) Netuno Captado e escrito por Domingos Yezzi::. Em 08-12-2012 7.00PM em São Paulo, SP – Brasil Traduzido por Christina Chalréo Breault em 11 de dezembro de 2012, às 8:00PM em Lake City, FL – USA O Núcleo Central Cósmico — Deus — em sua imensa […]

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The Imprisonment of Souls… Is There Such a Thing?

A reply from Domingos Yezzi [Translated from Portuguese, the author’s native language]: “If your friend thinks that there is technology — machines and the like — to imprison a human soul, I’m sorry but she’s wrong, there is no such thing(s). Those who think positively and act positively have nothing to fear, however, those who […]

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